It’s a 1975 Plymouth Duster that started life as a 6cyl Automatic on the column. I had always wanted a Duster since watching some kid in high school doing burn outs on Houston Street in front of Sam Houston High School with his 340 Duster. I bought the car and a 340 block and started collecting parts from there. About a year later I had all I needed to turn the car into a 340 Six Pack bucket seat console Automatic with an 8 3/4 rear end. Next came color choice it was a hard pick between LimeLite, Vitamin C Orange or Sassy Grass but Limelite won. Car was completed in about 4 months thanks to my good friends Bill Salge and Greg Haney from down around the coastal bend. After the car was 2 months old I decided I really didn’t care much for the blacked out hood so I took the hood off of one of the 2 parts cars I had used for the restore had Greg paint in LimeLite with the 2 black hood scoops that’s on it now. Another couple months later I thought the car would be much more fun to drive with a 4 speed so here I go on a parts search again. After a month or so all parts were acquired and the car was turned into a 4 speed so now as we talk it’s a 1975 Duster 340 Six Pack 4 speed but who knows what it might be by the time you read this.