Bill Sarber travelled to Chicago, Illinois to buy car. Legendary drag racer and engine builder, Jim Oddy built the motor. He was the first racer to go over 200 mph in a ProMod race car. He was sponsored by Summit Racing and is in the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame. Bill owned the car for 15 years prior to selling it to me.
I bought the car in 2021. My first Roadrunner, in 1973, was when I was 19 years old which I had paid $1600. I have always been a Mopar guy. In my life, I have owned 7 Mopars which were 6 Roadrunners and 1 Hemi Dodge Demon. I love all American muscle cars but Mopar ranks #1 for me.
My wife, Lynn and I looked at the orange Roadrunner and fell in love with it. It is definitely a looker. It’s been in a few car shows and we drive it to the movies, shopping at a variety of stores and eat out at a bunch of restaurants. We love to bring back the Good Ole Days.
The engine is built as follows:
426 Keith Black Hemi with a 671 blower
Twin Holley Dominator Carburetors
Wheelie Bars out back
Rear gears just recently switch to 3.54 gears from 4.11s to make it more street-friendly
All that is done to car is normal upkeep and maintenance to allow us to have fun.
As stated above, the car is definitely a looker. We continually get compliments about the car and all want me to fire it up to hear that monstrous Hemi. We are always being asked if the kids can take pictures with them sitting in the Roadrunner.
We’d like to thank all of our Mopar brothers and sisters for allowing us to participate in all of the club’s activities. It is a real blessing.