In 1997, I bought a dark green with white vinyl top 1974 Barracuda for $350. Originally my intentions were to use the car for  parts, but I realized the car had potential. All the interior and glass were intact. The body was dented and the front frame rail  and interior fender needed to be replaced. I replaced the hood, grill, and the bumper. After doing these repairs, I decided the car would make a good race car. So, I installed a 383 engine with a steel crank and forge pistons with a Mopar purple camshaft. I added a Mopar intake and a Holley 750 double pump carburetor. I put in a 727 transmission.This transmission has   3500 stall converter with a reverse valve body and a trans brake. An eight and three quarter rear end with Richmond  gears with a spool was installed along with Moser axles and a weld in brace. I installed a fuel cell with a Barry Grant fuel pump  long with an Edelbrock nitrous system. Also, I installed a roll bar. I replaced the wheels with weld wheels with ET front runners  and 29/10 slicks on the rear. The Barracuda remained primer gray for about ten years. In 2008, I entered the Pinks All Out  competition held at the San Antonio Raceway. I decided I should paint the car before the competition. Before I began painting, I replaced the original hood with a fiberglass hood with a 7 inch cowl. I chose to paint the car lime green with a 383 hockey  stripe  on both sides of  the car. The car runs a 12.5 in the quarter mile. With nitrous, the car can run an 11.1 in the quarter  mile. At this time, the car is not up and running, but in the near future a 440 stroker motor will replace the current engine. A  special thanks to Paul, Josh, and Dewey for all their help. Pat (Cuda) Kotzur