Believe it or not. Going on 23 years and still loving it. In the summer of 1977, I was working at my first job and saving money to buy my first car. At the same time, my oldest sister was expecting her first child and was preparing to purchase a family vehicle. She had two cars, so one had to go to make room for the new family car. My sister refused to sell her ’68 Camaro, so the car my brother-in-law was driving had to go. Guess what? I purchased it! Lucky for me, I only paid $750 for it. It was as ’70 Challenger, all original second-owner vehicle, green with a white vinyl top and a 318 engine. While in high school, it went through a few changes like mags, dual exhaust, 4-BBL intake, and lots of miles. Now it’s 1982 and well over 200,000 miles. It was time to look for a donor engine and transmission. I purchased a 1968 340 engine with 2.02 heads, 727 Torqueflite and a 8 ¾ sure-grip (3.23) rear-end. Before installing the newly acquired parts, the car got its first paint job and removal of the vinyl top due to rust that was found around the back window. I also purchased a Rallye hood, rear valance with dual cutouts, and front and rear spoilers. I then changed the rims from the old slotted mags to Centerline mags and BFGoodrich tires. I also converted to a floor shifter and console. For several years, I drove my car as my second vehicle (83-87), but in late 1987 tragedy struck. I wrecked the car on my way home from a car show (having too much fun). Well, I learned my lesson. It was time to start over again. The left quarter panel was replaced along with several other parts and its second paint job was applied. I also switched to Rallye rims and rebuilt the engine. The car was back on the road again in September of 1988. It was time to enjoy once again. In 1990, the old weathered green interior was changed to black and in 1995, a white stripe kit was added. The transmission was also serviced with a new torque converter and a street/strip valve body was installed. Well, twelve years have gone by now and only 4,000 miles since back on the road. It’s been kept in storage from 1988 to 2000. The statistics on the car are Emerald green metallic paint, a white stripe, front and rear spoiler, 15 x 7 BFGoodrich tires, black interior, 340 bored 30-over, 484 purple shaft camshaft, 2.02 heads, Hooker Super Comp headers, Edelbrock intake, Carter 750 CFM, Mallory Unilite ignition, 727 Torqueflite with a TCI street/strip manual valve body, and 8 ¾ 3.55 sure-grip rear-end. An occasional car show or weekend cruise has helped keep the car in its present condition. Between all those years, I also have owned a ’71 Challenger, ’71 Demon, ’72 Charger, ’78 Magnum, ’70 Camaro, ’70 Nova, and my last car, a ’68 Camaro SS that I sold to purchase a ’70 Challenger SE in May of 1996. A one-owner car, B-5 Blue with black vinyl top, 318 engine. Plans are to redo as original. An optional R/T stripe and hood, dual exhaust valence, and Rallye rims will be added.