Let me tell you how I became the 2nd owner of a 1970 Dodge Challenger in January 2000. The original owner had it parked under a carport for 15 years. My brother-in-law had seen it and knew I would be interested in it. After talking to the owner, he explained that they had not been able to get it running and were ready to let it go. To my surprise, he only wanted $850.00. I thought maybe there was more wrong with it than they led me to believe, but after a good looking over I knew it was a steal. Two weeks later, I was bringing home my 1970 Dodge Challenger on a flat bed trailer. It was white on white equipped with a 340-2barrel carb.; 904 transmission and 2.76 gears in the rear end. I had several offers by others to purchase the car before I could ever get it home. Within 6 months I had rebuilt the motor and transmission, rear axle, brakes, and replaced shocks and it was ready to be on the road to run. It is my daily driver and I am very glad I chose this car to rebuild. The Challenger has since been repainted Milano Red and the interior is now all black. I’ve acquired many new friends, acquaintances, and admirers because of the Challenger. Not a day goes by that I don’t get a thumbs-up, peace-sign, or simply a wave by a passerby. Most of the time people come up to me and want to look under the hood and talk about what’s under the hood. It’s definitely an ATTENTION-GRABBER.

I’ve been with the Mopar Muscle Club of San Antonio since July 2002 and the Challenger has been part of several car shows and swap meet gatherings in the surrounding areas to include: Fredericksburg, Bandera, Comfort, Los Maples, La Vernia, Alice, and Premont. The Challenger and I make frequent stops at the Pig Stand, Harpers, and Biff Buzby’s on Friday nights and the car and I am always REVVED-UP and ready to go to the next event. I am very proud of my Challenger and I’m happy it has chosen me to be it’s owner. I hope it decides to keep me for at least the next 20 years.

Your Fellow Mopar Member: Phillip A. Alfaro