I’ve had a fascination with cars my whole life, back in the 70’s I owned a Chevy SS396 El Camino, a Dodge Dart Sport 340 and  a Chevy Camaro Z28. I have made my living working on cars and have even rebuilt a few including a 1977 Pontiac Firebird in  the early ’90’s. I’ve talked about getting a muscle car for years but it just never seemed to happen. Then one day my wife tells  me she would like to have a classic Dodge Challenger. Well, I was not going to let this opportunity pass me up! So, we began  the search for our very own Dodge Challenger. I knew I wanted a ’70 or ’71 model so I searched the Internet, went to car shows  and swap meets, and read Auto Trader magazines looking for just the right car. Then one day we found a car on  E-Bay, it was exactly what we were looking for, a 1970 Dodge Challenger with 71 R/T striping in B5 Blue with a 383 automatic.   Only problem is the car was in Amarillo and if we wanted it we would have to buy it sight unseen. So after much deliberation,  and several phone calls to the previous owner, we decided to take the chance and buy the car. Next thing we know we were on  the way to Amarillo, towing a trailer and praying the car was not a rust bucket. When we took our first look at the car we  were thrilled! Sure, it needed some work, the brakes were in such bad shape I almost wrecked the car pulling it onto the trailer, but overall the car was in good condition. On the way home people would pull up beside us on the interstate to give us the  thumbs up”, just the first of the fun we would have with this car. The car has been repainted and the front seats have been reupholstered, the back seat is still original. I have rebuilt the front suspension and gave the car a much needed brake job. We’re still in  the process of restoring the car to it’s original glory and are having a great time with it. We drove the car down to the Dodge  dealership in Kerrville to look at a 2010 Dodge Challenger they had on the lot in the same B5 blue as our car.  When we pulled up the owner of the dealership came out to look at our classic Challenger and asked if he could put the car on  the showroom floor with the 2010 Challenger. So now, 40 years later, our 1970 Dodge Challenger is back on the showroom  floor next to its much younger reproduction. And if you ask me, looking better than the new one!