As a new member to the club, it is my honor and distinct pleasure to present one of my MOPARs as our Car of the Quarter. This is only the third MOPAR I’ve ever owned; I still have the first (74 Barracuda), and I recently sold the second (70 Cuda) to free up the cash to buy this one – a classic, medium red metallic, 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury. Now, you’re probably wondering why an “E Body” guy would sell his sleek 70 Cuda to buy an old “C Body” granny cruiser? The answer is simple – this Fury is a 4-spd, 426 Street Wedge. And I figured, this is probably the closest I’ll ever come to owning a Hemi
I first saw the car about a year ago in my mechanic’s back garage. He showed it to me and mentioned he “might” be selling it. I told him I “might” be interested, but the wife wouldn’t let me have more than two toys, so one of the Cudas would have to go (being in the military is not conducive to large car collections that have to be relocated every 2-3 years). Long story short, I eventually sold the 70 on e-bay and became the proud new owner of a pretty rare MOPAR. I’m not sure how many 4-spd, 426s are out there, but it can’t be too many.

Overall, she’s in real nice condition. Just needs the usual dash and upholstery, new tires, a sending unit and some new bushings. I’ll probably hang on to her for awhile and hopefully get her out to some shows this year. I know she’ll do well.
Well, thanks again for the opportunity to share my MOPAR with you all. As the saying goes, MOPAR OR NO CAR!!!